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Number Sense

(Ir)rational Number Line
Factors (via @lukeselfwalker)
Double Number Line


(FoG)(x) Linear


Match My Line (via @mjfenton)
Slope Steps


Match My Parabola Lesson  (via @mjfenton)
Explore  Standard form b and c
Explore Standard form a,b,c
Explore Standard form a,b,c (with notes)
Quadratic Multiple Forms
Complex Roots of Quadratic (via @314piman)

More Polynomials

Polynomial Parent Function y=a(x-h)n+k


SSA Ambiguous Case (via @lukeselfwalker)
Trig Identities on the Unit Circle (via @lukeselfwalker)
Unit Circle with XY Plots (adapted from @jkindred13)

Systems of Expressions

Absolute Value vs Constant a|x-h|+k [?] c
Linear Vs Constant ax+b [?] c
Linear Vs Linear ax+b [?] cx+d
Quadratic Vs Constant a(x-h)2+k [?] c
Cubic Vs Constant (x-h1)(x-h2)(x-h3)+k [?] d

Coordinate Geometry

Who is Closest to the middle?


Running Man
Work and Force Ramp
Ping Pong Quadratic Catapult Activity

Statistics and Data

Regression Approximation



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